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Why to Convert 2D Floor Plans into 3D Floor Plans? (Build 2D 3D Floor Plans)

Article by Sandy Smith

There is the huge benefit of making floor plans; example, they provide the right dimensions and designs that are beautiful for your desired taste. These floor plans, as a matter of fact, are colorful and have nice looking illustrations. These plans can be created in many formats like JPEG, WMF, TIF, and DWG etc. They can also be made in either 2D or 3D depending on the results you intend. Sketches drawn with the hand are easy to convert into both 3D and 2D format.

Read on if you want to know why you need to convert 2D floor plans into 3D floor plans.

Technical Difference:

The designer works on both the x-axis and y-axis in 2D floor plans. The design can also be changed in up, right, down and left sides. 2D plans, on the other hand, are relatively cheaper and simpler. They can be used to display the top, right and front side of an object.

For 3D, unlike 2D, the designers work on 3 axes to create floor plans in 3D. This is actually like molding an object that appears the same regardless of the angle you view it from. In 3D technology, wireframes and solid models are created line by line.


If the issue is about flexibility, 3D services are the choice to make. 2D models can be used in the creation of 3D models. High resolutions can be achieved for the final model.


2D plans cost less than 3D plans. However, if you are more interested in quality, it is recommended that you spend a little more and pay for 3D floor plans.


Nothing can beat 3D when it comes to quality. Expert designers use 3D to add furniture to improve the appearance. This makes it possible to produce realistic designs. An amazing thing about 3D is that be used to create full views, virtual tours, and 360-degree walkthroughs.


The 3D floor includes many animated options for improved user experience. 2D plans, on the other hand, may not provide many options. In addition, 3D plans give more control to the viewer to help them rotate the design to examine the structure from different views. The design also enables the user to make the furniture appear and disappear within the rooms at the click of a button.

With 3D floor plans, you will promote your property without any hitches; and this will help you generate leads. So, you need to convert 2D floor plans to 3D floor plans because of the benefits that 3D floor plans will offer you.

To summarize this topic, we have come to the conclusion that 3D floor plans are far better than 2D floor plans. But when you are making your choice, it is recommended that you consider your requirements and needs. Do not take your decisions based on the cost alone as you will be losing out on its benefit and you will have to live with the consequence of the decision you have made in the future.

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