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How converting 2D floor plans into 3D Plans is Important! (Make 2D 3D Floor Plans)

Article by Sandy Smith

Floor plans are an important part of selling a house, office, or other structure. They also play an important role in selling a project to potential investors. For years, 2D floor plans were the go-to option for professionals in any industry, but that has changed.

Industry professionals now use 3D floor plans for a variety of reasons. Converting your existing 2D floor plans into 3D can be the best decision for your property. We will explore the reasons why this conversion is so important for you.

Realistic Quality

The quality of 3D rendering is incredible. An artist and designer can now make 2D 3D floor plans that are so realistic that one might believe that it is real. This enhances the quality of any plan, whether 2D or 3D. Realistic representation is exactly what sells.

Better Visualization

You can get a much better visualization of a property when you have a 3D floor plan drawn up from your 2D floor plan. A three-dimensional floor plan has a much more realistic feel to it and it allows you to get a feel for the full size of a room. Not only the width and length of the room can be visualized but also the height. With a 3D plan, you also have the opportunity to add in furniture, people, and other necessities in order to give a good scale and an idea of depth that would otherwise be lacking. The details that you get from this in a floor plan is remarkable.

Proportions of the room and items that could go inside are all better visualized in 3D. Not only that, but you can visualize both the outside and the inside of the plan. This allows you to be able to get a perspective for what it will look like from the outside.

Impressive Presentation

Are you looking to have a design that will impress anyone who sees it? A 2D design will help someone to get an idea for the layout of the floor plan but it won’t do much beyond that. You don’t give your investors the same sense of reality with a 2D floor plan. But when you convert that floor plan to a three-dimensional design, people are going to be a lot more impressed with both your property and the presentation.

People are more impressed by presentations that help them get a full visualization of the final or actual product. 2D floor plans and 3D plans put together to allow for quite the impressive presentation. When the conversion is performed by a professional company, it can be even more impressive.

Expected Visuals

More and more people are starting to expect high-tech designs such as 3D plans to accompany any project or listing. They have become both more affordable and more accessible than ever. Without these plans, people do not feel like they are fully informed when they make a decision. As these designs become even more prominent, they will move from expected to an industry standard. Similar advances in design and planning have gone the same way.


In the past, it used to cost a small fortune just to create a professional 2D floor plan. Designing 3D floor plans has come a long way, they now are more affordable than ever to produce. The prices will vary depending on your specific needs but they will also surprise you.

Fast Turnarounds

One of the reasons that some people don’t decide to turn their 2D floor plans into 3D plans, is that they don’t think the conversion will be done in time. New software and the level of competency of most 3D plan designers allow them to turn around projects within a matter of days. Sometimes a rush can even be done for an extra fee to get it much quicker than that.

Now that you know some of the reasons that 2D floor plans should be converted to 3D floor plans, you need to find the right company. Make sure that you pay close attention to the quality, experience, and reputation of the company in order to find a team that will put the same passion for your project that you have. Also, make sure that you look at all of the options to get the 3D floor plan that your project demands.

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