Site Plan vs Floor Plan – How these are fundamentally different?

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Most of the people think that site plan is the same as the floor plan. However, they are two different things and it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of the differences that exist in between the two. Having this knowledge would become useful when you are purchasing a new property or venturing into property investments.

What is a Site Plan?

A site plan would simply outline the space that can be found outside the building. It includes driveways, parking lots and cross streets. When designing the site plan, special attention would be paid towards the external dimensions of the building. In addition, the dimensions of your establishment would also be taken into account. All cross streets, driveways, and alleys that can be found in the surrounding area are included in the site plan. It provides important information about the building as well. The information provided about the building from site plan includes total floor area in square feet and the number of floors. The entrances and exits to the building are clearly mentioned in the site plan as well. 3D Floor Plan Services

Site Plan Example

When drawing the site plan, all the parking spaces that can be found on the property are taken into account. The specific dimensions of each and every parking slot are also measured and included in the site plan. This includes the entrances and exits that are available for the parking lot as well. Usually, there is a proper direction of traffic flow in a parking lot. It is also being indicated through the site plan. It is not necessarily needed for site plans to be generated electronically. The primary requirement is that it should include all the information listed above.

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What is a Floor Plan?

The floor plan would usually provide internal dimensions of the establishment. If the establishment consists of several floors, information related to each floor should be presented in a clear and an accurate manner. All the storage areas, gents and ladies bathrooms and food preparation areas should clearly be marked and labeled in the floor plan. If there are specific areas for storing different products, such as liquor and food, they should also be indicated in the floor plan.

2D to 3D Floor Plan Conversion Sample

In order to obtain a liquor license, it is required to provide a floor plan. In that floor plan, bars, chairs, tables, dance floor and service bars should clearly be indicated. Likewise, the design of the floor plan can slightly change from one instance to another and all those changes should be depicted clearly. The floor plan must contain all the entry points and exit points to the establishment. Then there should be information about the stairwells. Most importantly, the seating capacity offered by each floor, and the total seating capacity of the total establishment should be clearly indicated in the floor plan. Specific areas such as the area that is being used for storage purposes should be highlighted in the floor plan.


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