Best Practices for Creating 2D 3D Floor Plans

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You can be on the safe side by simply taking best practices of creating 2D 3D floor plans around the following problems prior to your drawing.

2D 3D Floor Plans

Creating 2D 3D Floor Plans : Best Practices

  • When you are taking measurements of an existing space, measure the room dimension severally by laying your measuring tape on the floor, most especially in the case where furniture will be tight to fit in. Never just assume that the walls are parallel.
  • Prior to placing furniture, take note of projecting windowsills as well as the location of light switches, thermostats, vents and electrical receptacles.
  • Decide on where the occupant will be facing or backing when you are planning an office. Would they have their back against the door? Some people take this into consideration when renting or buying an office space.
  • It is not always good to have a computer monitor facing the windows directly. Ensure you avoid that so as to limit glare.
  • Always make room in front of cabinets to enable the drawers open freely, as well as making provision for one person who would access the cabinet by standing in front. So it would be appropriate to leave about 18 more inches.
  • Create a lot of working space around the cubicles or desks. Leave about 42 inches of space around a working desk to the closest wall. If you can afford 52 or 60 inches more then, that would be great for comfort.
  • In a residential space, there should be minimum of 30 inches between a furniture and a wall in a walkway. If you can afford 36 inches it would be great too. While for public spaces, it should have minimum of 36 inches or 42 inches if you can afford and extra space for comfort.
  • To check out the width of a walkway prior to arranging furniture, lay a tape on the floor to check for different dimensions.
  • When setting up furniture for a residential plan, do not forget to leave at least 2 to 3 inches from the furniture to the wall.
  • Never arrange furniture beside the wall. You can avoid having a rigid looking setting by simply setting sofas, rugs, or any other furniture at angles.

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