Designing A House? How to Avoid Mistakes?

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Mistake to Avoid When Designing A House: Shopping for a new home can be an exhausting process. Whether it’s the size of the kitchen or that the bathrooms need to be updated or simply that the layout doesn’t come together at all, it can seem like you will never find the right home.

Is it any wonder why some people prefer to design and build their own home from the ground up?

Building your home from the ground up affords you the opportunity to design your dream dwelling – from open floor plans to luxurious master suites to just the perfect backsplash for that chef’s kitchen.

As tempting as designing your own home sounds, it can become a nightmare if you aren’t prepared for the task.

Designing your dream home from idea to final build has a unique set of concerns.

Designing A House

In this article, we will look at several mistakes to avoid when designing a house from scratch.

Avoid The Mistake Of Not Thinking Long Term When Designing A House

Most likely if you have gone the route of custom designing your own house, you are planning to live in it for a long time.

One of the most common mistakes first-time house designers make is not thinking long-term when planning out floor plans.

You need to consider how long you will be in the house and how your space needs will change over time.

  • Some of the questions you should ask yourself include
  • How many bedrooms do you want and need?
  • Do you need a home office?
  • How big of a kitchen do you need?
  • Are you planning on having or expanding your family?

If you take the time to think through how you will be using the house over time, this will help you design rooms that can change as your needs change.

This will make the house more enjoyable and require less extensive remodeling.

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Don’t Make The Mistake Of Not Choosing a Contractor When Designing A House

A lot of people who consider designing their own house often do so with the idea of cutting out using a contractor and doing it themselves.

While this will for sure save you money – you get what you pay for.

If you are really dead set on being your own contractor, make sure you have the right skills to do the job effectively.

You will want to consider if you are able to do the following as a contractor (at a minimum)

  • Reviewing architectural housing plans and finding errors or problems
  • Getting and posting all the required building permits
  • Creating an accurate budget for house building materials and labor
  • Ordering all building materials, scheduling deliveries and chasing up mistakes or delays
  • Hiring and scheduling subcontractors (and following up when things go wrong)

If you take a realistic look at the above and it feels do-able, awesome.

If not, then spend the money to hire a contractor or building company to get the job done – it will be money well spent.

The contractor or building company will handle the entire building process and you won’t go mad or get divorced.

Double Check Your Window Installations

A common problem with house building is the improper installation of windows.

You can have the latest and greatest expensive energy-efficient windows, but if they are installed incorrectly your energy bills aren’t going to reflect that.

Improperly installed windows can not only increase your utility bills but it can put your brand new home in danger of mold mildew and water damage.

Always double check your windows!

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Not Planning For Construction Delays Is A Big Mistake When Designing A Home

Every building project runs into snags – and it’s certainly no different when designing your own custom house.

Therefore, build in some delay time in your plans anticipating the worst but hoping for the best. By planning ahead for delays you will reduce your stress and the strain on your pocketbook.

Avoiding Mistakes When Designing A House

Designing your own home is exciting but not without some pitfalls you can avoid if you plan carefully.

If you are considering being your own contractor, make sure that you have the time and stamina to hire subcontractors, budget and oversee the project.

Remember to double check all build and get a proper inspection at the end of the project.

It much easier to fix things sooner rather than later when more damage has been done.

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