Facebook Marketing Strategies for Realtors 2019

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Facebook Marketing Strategies for Realtors: The past several years has seen social media rising in popularity to the point that it is now considered as a law of the land, a law that you can never disobey if you don’t want to suffer consequences.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Social media posts, pins, and tweets have risen to become powerful communication tools. In fact, millions of people are spending hours after hours every single day checking their social media accounts.

Considering this remarkable exposure right at your fingertips, it has become more imperative for real estate agents to market on social media.

For all you know, the next sale you is inspired by that simple Facebook like.

If you want to harness the global potential of Facebook, here are some Facebook Marketing Strategies that every real estate agent should be doing at this very moment.

Facebook Marketing Strategies for Realtors / Real Estate Professionals

Create Your Official Real Estate Agent Facebook Page

Your own Facebook page is never a good place for promoting your agency’s work and deal. As the old adage goes, you have to keep your professional and personal life separate at all times.

Mixing your professional real estate work with your beach selfies will never sit well with your future clients. It will show not just lack of professionalism but also of work boundaries. But, there is nothing wrong with posting your work on your dedicated real estate agent.

This is the best place where you can share all your insights about the marketplace, together with some tips for buyers and sellers, and more.

The good thing is that it is very easy and simple to create your own page on Facebook. All you need to do is follow the instructions on Facebook’s Create a Page tab to get started. You can complete the entire process in just 15 minutes or less to create your professional page.

Say No to Flooding of Meaningless Posts

Your real estate page must be helpful and insightful. It must never be irrelevant and mundane. Your professional page must serve as a guidebook for both your future and existing clients. This is where you can post know-hows on the process of home buying as well as your listings.

Even if you specialize in renting, this is where you can also share useful details, such as about the benefits of long-term versus short-term leasing. Make sure that you also follow the so-called 80/20 marketing rule. 80% of posts must be related to tips to homeownership and other insights on housing, while the remaining 20% must be about you and your agency, and what you can offer to clients. In addition, you must never post more than one or two times a day.

Invest in Ads and Boost Your Posts

Facebook is getting crowded by the day so you have to do everything there is to make sure that you stand out from the rest. Naturally, you want people to notice your ads and listings. Thus, it is important to invest in Facebook ad space and boosting posts.

With every boosted post an ad, you could target a certain audience. This way, you can put the listings and services of the agency right in front of the people who find them relevant and useful.

Other Facebook Marketing Strategies for Realtors:

  • Update Your Cover Photo Frequently.
  • Respond to Comments.
  • Focus on Local Interests.
  • Share Interesting and Informative Facts.
  • Offer Helpful Advice.
  • Post Images of You, Your Team, and Happy Clients.

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