Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents 2019

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Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents: Studies have shown that it is better to run an ad on Facebook as compared to other social media platform. Why? Because of the number of users and exclusive information which Facebook collect from their users. This information can use to identify the target market and show your ad to the limited people only who can purchase or at least show interest in your ad.

Facebook Marketing Tips

Today, the number of real estate agents all around the world is using the Facebook as their main source to get clients. Like any other place which you choose to promote your business, you need to work hard to create a marketing campaign to make it successful.

Especially, when it’s come to real estate agents, you have to give extra time and effort as the real estate agents usually have the limited audience and number of people to show the ads who can really take action in positive terms.

So how to run a successful ad on Facebook and what are the other general points which you should take care of to earn clients through Facebook? Following I am sharing my Facebook marketing tips for real estate agents. Instead of general marketing tips, I am only sharing those tips with you who actually helped the real estate agents to earn clients in a very short time and an audience who may show interest in their listing in future.

Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents:

Do the following things to build your preference on Facebook:

  • Create a Facebook page with a proper name, information, address and telephone number
  • Add the display picture which represents your real estate business including your photo
  • Upload the cover photo which gives a message and keep it up to date (Christmas special etc)
  • Create an SEO friendly URL of your Facebook page to make it easy for people to search for you on Google.

Take advantage of Facebook page tabs for free promotion:

  • Allow users to review your services. Ask the old customer to write the review about your services there
  • Add tabs where people can find your current listing which is open for them. Use third-party tools for this
  • Link your Instagram, YouTube and other Profile on the Facebook page with the help of tabs. Now-a-days, Instagram is becoming more popular.
  • The tabs should be made for a purpose to engage the people with your business.

Facebook posting tips for real estate agents:

  • Always remember that content is king. Always post the content which generates value for the readers
  • Do post the funny posts related to the real estate. Do not just stick to the business posts only
  • Post content which engages people with your content and also replies to their comments quickly
  • Run different contents to build interest of your fans toward your business (take the picture in your office etc)

Use advanced features of Facebook for free promotion:

  • Go live and show your fans the property live
  • Arrange question and answer session with your Facebook page fans
  • Use features like “offer” to analysis your fans interest towards different offers.

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