Floor Plan Layouts 2019

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Floor Plan Layouts: Floor plan layout is an internal structure of a floor plan where we can see the internal walls, doors, windows, kitchen, patio, living room, etc. The layouts of floor plans are useful for understanding the internal structures of homes, apartments, houses, condos, tiny houses, kitchen, office, restaurants, and other estate projects. Floor plan layouts are most inportant tools for building new properties and renovating the exisiting buildings.

Types of Floor Plan Layouts

Generally, there are two types of floor plans i.e. 2D floor plan drawings and 3D floor plan renderings. The 2D floor plans are sinple and have 2 axis (length and width). These are accurate and precise where measurements can be shown. 2D plans are mostly being used for undering the layout structures and dimensions.

3D floor plan designs: These are more professional, visual, photo-realistic and 3-axis floor plans where we can see that how things will look in the real life. These 3D plans are mainly used for visualization and interactiveness, not for measurements.

Benefits of Floor Plan Layouts:

2D and 3D floor plan layouts make it very easy for potential home buyers to arrive at a final decision. We can easily discuss with our family members if we have floor plans layouts handy.

You can easily share your floor plan layouts on the internet (for marketing or property selling purpose). You can add them on the property listing website. These will help to attract and engage more potential property buyers.

If the purpose is property selling, then you can simply share them on your Instagram or Facebook. Social media marketing with floor plan layouts is a powerful way to inform your network people (friends, family members, colleagures, local residents, etc) above your property listing.

You can easily print them in high-resolution. These printed versions can solve your many purposes.

You can simply share these online with your family member or home builder experts, where they can review them or proof them if there is some improvement needed. Revisions and iterations can be easily done.

2D Floor Plan Layouts (Apartments, Houses, etc)

Here we have shared some samples / examples for 2D floor plan designs / renderings.

2D Floor Plan Design Services Sample

2D Floor Plan Sample Example 2D Rendering for Floor Plan - Samples2D Floor Plan Images - Samples

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3D Floor Plan Layouts (House, Condo, Kitchen, Bathroom, Apartment, etc.)

Here we have provided some samples for 3D floor plan designs / renderings.

Floor Plan 3D Sample

Convert 2D Floor Plan to 3D Sample
2D 3D Floor Plan Maker Services Sample
3D Home House Floor Plan Sample2D to 3D Floor Plan Conversion Sample
3D Floor Plan Rendering Services Sample
3D Floor Plan General Style
2D Floor Plan to 3D Model Sample
3D Floor Plan Rendering Sample

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3D Floor Plan Layouts

Check other samples: 2D Floor Plans | 3D Exteriors | 3D Interiors

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Floor Plan is the drawing to show the above view of the relationships between spaces, rooms, traffic and other physical features at a primary level before construction. It shows the layouts of property, buildings or homes from above. It can depict the whole building or one floor of the building or even a single room.

The location of windows, walls, doors, and stairs are typically illustrating by the floor plans. The floor plan can also illustrate the fixed installation of kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and various appliances. Floor plans also illustrate the outdoor areas and furniture layouts. The floor plan is similar to the maps but in floor plan the orientation of the view in from above to downward direction. Following are some layouts of Floor Plan

Different Floor Plan Layouts:

2D Floor Plans:

  • The 2D floor plan is a flat drawing showing the layout of the space from the above without perceptive sot depth. In includes the walls and rooms.
  • It can be a computer made a drawing or a blueprint. It can be simply a sketch. Often, 2D floor plans usually illustrate the layout of rooms and the walls, along with the illustration of fixed installations like doors, windows, stairs, and furniture.
  • A 2D floor plan can be made online by any person. Various software is available that is easy to handle, and a person can make 2d floor plans. 2d floor plans are perfect for property layouts, commercial layouts, Home designs, Interior designs, Renovations, etc.
  • The 2D floor plans are maybe Standard 2D floor plans that give a clear overview of property layout. 2D floor plans can be white and black that has a clean and professional look. Colored 2D Floor Plans can also be made that give the coloring zone, text color, and color of the rooms, walls, etc.

3D Floor Plans:

  • The diagram shows the layout of the home and property in 3D format. The 3D format means that the diagram is showing all the perceptive i.e.: length, width along with the height. 3D Floor Plans are more detailed and easier to understand the size and layout of a space.
  • 3D Floor Plan typically illustrates the details of doors, windows, flooring and fixed installation of bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • How can a room be furnished, and the design of furniture is also illustrated by 3D floor plans? 3D Floor Plans are perfect for Home designs, Home staging, Furniture Plans. 3D floor plans are made the top view that gives a clear overview of the space. Isometric 3D floor Plans are also made which highlight different aspects of the layouts or designs and are usually dynamic.
  • Live 3D Floor Plans enable the interactive 3D walkthrough of the structure virtually. Modern technologies enable the powerful 3D rendering and visualization of the Floor Plans.
  • One can explore its property and the perspectives more efficiently through the Live 3D Floor Plans. Live 3D Floor Plans are usually used for interactive, instant and great 3D visualization of property. One can have easy access to the live 3D Floor Plan. In this modern era, it is just a click away.

Here we have added important points for furnishing your layouts of 3D floor plans looks like best designer model.

Tips of Designing Photo-Realistic 3D Floor Plan Layouts – Apartments, Houses, Homes, Bedrooms

Exquisite furnishing for every room

  • There are lots of furniture design from which you can chose from
  • Furniture that add elegance will be used in the decoration of your rooms, giving them a sophisticated look.

Artwork, House plants and Area rugs gives your design the feel of a home

  • To give your 3D floor plan the feel of home, some accents and decorations will be added
  • Area rugs when added give elegance to your room. For a better feel of home, house plants will be added, thus giving your house plan realism. Unique artworks only will be used.

Your decorations won’t cost you much

  • When you tally up the cost of interior design, furniture, window design, and accessories, you will arrive at a staggering figure. Thousands of dollars will be gulped up
  • 3D realistic floor plan will only cost you a fraction of the actual cost of developing your property

Well-arranged furniture makes your room appear bigger

  • Proper staging is done to all rooms to carve out more space
  • Walking paths are added to living rooms to give them an open setting. Dining room is spacious enough to contain all tables. Desks and computers can also fit in it comfortably. Helps your potential buyers get a feel of what they are getting into.

How it works?

2D 3D Floor Plan Services

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