Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing – Unbeatable Price

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Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing – Unbeatable Price: One great way to show your property to potential renters and buyers how great your space flows is through 3D floor plans.

In 2013, a study was released by Rightmove which reveals that buyers in the real estate industry takes floor plans more seriously when they inspect a property. One fifth of the buyers confirmed that they would not take a property that has no floor plan.

Majority of the buyers also laid more emphasis on floor plans than the properties description and photos. On the other hand, Righmove discovered that when a seller wants to use the service of a real estate agent, 42% of the sellers never hires an agent that does not provide a floor plan.

Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing – Unbeatable Price

By simply including a 3D Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing has the potential of increasing your buyers click through by 52%. If you also have a remodeling project coming up soon, you can use floor plans to communicate with vendor and contractors. (Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing)

Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing

Basic Steps on How to Floor Plan for Real Estate

  1. Select an area: Draft out an area to be drawn. If it is already an existing building, then simply decide on how much you want to draw i.e a floor, a room, or the whole building. If it is a non-existing building, then simply think of a design that would work with the shape and size of the area you want to build.
  2. Take down measurements: If it is an existing building, measure the doors, walls and furniture so as to have a perfect floor plan. On the other hand, if it is for a new area, make sure that the whole area will accommodate what you want to build.
  3. Draw walls: Each room should have walls. So, carefully draw walls to scale.
  4. Add architectural features: Start beefing up the space with architectural features by adding things that cannot be changed such as windows, doors, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator and other major appliances that occupies a specific location.
  5. Include Furniture: If the floor plan needs for you to add furniture, then do it.

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