How Floor Plans are Helpful in the marketing of Multifamily Communities?

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How 2D or 3D Floor Plans do help in Multifamily Communities Marketing: Multifamily housing is a competitive industry. There are apartment buildings, duplexes, & triplexes everywhere. For that reason, you need to utilize any marketing tool you can find, including floorplans.

Floorplans are overlooked in real estate as they’re more of a construction thing. But they are a powerful way of marketing houses, especially Multifamily Communities houses.

Multifamily Communities
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Reasons how Floor Plans do help in Multifamily Communities Marketing

Floorplans Provide Accurate Square Footage Of The House

For most people, buying a home is the biggest transaction they will ever complete. One of the main concerns potential homebuyers have is the size of the house.

A floorplan is a certified document prepared by professional architects or floorplan technicians. Therefore, it is accurate and provides the measurements of every room in the house. A potential home buyer will more likely trust the measurements on a certified floor plan than measurements provided in plain figures. Besides, these accurate measurements go a long way in justifying the price of your listing. Converting floor plan 2D to 3D also can be a strong marketing material for your listings.

A Floorplan Provides More Perspective On The Layout

To most people, realtors included, a floor plan is a legal document that confirms the size of a house. But used as a marketing tool, a floor plan becomes more than just measurements. You can use a 2D floor plan to help a client understand the layout of a house. A client will know, before even seeing, the position of the living room relative to other essential areas such as the kitchen.

3D floor plans are much better as they help a client visualize the layout of the house from above. Put simply; floor plans add more perspective to the layout of a home.

Potential Clients Can Use Floorplans To Visualize Furniture Arrangement

A client understanding the layout of a house is vital for arranging furniture. Even before committing to a house showing, the client already knows if their king-sized bed will fit in the master bedroom.

With an interactive floorplan, a potential buyer can place their furniture over the floorplan. Using the specific measurements of their furniture, they will see what fits where and how.

Floorplans Help When Listing Tenant-Occupied Houses

A tenant has given notice that they will be vacating. Like any smart realtor, you know you need to list that property long before the notice period ends. But are you going to go into an occupied home and take pictures for your listing? Some tenants will not be comfortable with that, while others will have the house so messy that you will send the wrong impression to a potential buyer.

The solution for listing tenant occupied properties is floorplans. A potential buyer will see the exact image of the house without you showing them the belongings of another person. Besides, a colorful 3D floor plan is much better than pictures of the house.

A Floorplan Can Save You From A Legal Nightmare

A discrepancy between the advertised floor space and the actual floor space is a potential for legal problems with an angry buyer. Remember, one of the pricing points of a property is the size. So, a client can feel they did not get value for their money if they get a house even just slightly smaller than advertised.

Including a certified floor plan, with measurements recorded by a professional floor plan technician, guarantees the floor space advertised is accurate.


Inarguably, floorplans are great marketing tools for houses. They are especially helpful with Multifamily Communities / Buildings due to issues of size (these homes are generally smaller) and tenant occupation (you often find yourself listing an occupied apartment).

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