How to Write a Perfect Real Estate Closing Thank You Letter? Mistakes to Avoid?

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How to Write the Perfect Real Estate Closing Thank You Letter? Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Real Estate Closing Thank You Letter? Letter writing? In of tech? Haha! Well, despite the fact that technology has made life easy for this generation, doing things in an old fashioned manner still has some certain feel to it that gives satisfaction. And to some who cringe at writing letters like it used to be done, you can easily mail your letter, online! That, however, is not the point for now. We are bothered about how closing letters are written.

In real estate, closing letters are very important for the real estate agents as it shows appreciation for the deal made.

What are the closing letters and why are they important?

This is a feedback media used by real estate agents to appreciate clients at the end of a closed deal.

With great relationships being one of the most important parts of the real estate business, agents have to maintain a good rapport with them for referrals and connections. When the deal closes, sending a letter to your client after, goes a long way in making them feel loved and valued.

Aside from making them feel appreciated, these letters also cultivate a solid base for referrals and leads. You have made them happy by pulling off a great sale and even set a note so they have been programmed in a way to network for you. If their friends or family are interested in doing business, you get to be their favorite agent, tested and trusted.

How do we write these letters?

You might wish you had one template so you can just make edits to save time whenever you need to send a losing letter. NO! If you are going to send a letter, after doing business with anyone, it is best you construct a fresh one each time. This is because every client is unique and so was the time you spent with them during the business.

While it is easy to send emails or type one and past immediately, consider that many people do not get letters written by hand these days. A handwritten letter stands you out and shows the client how much you value them and appreciate them.

Now, it is either you are writing to a buyer or a seller and they are both different. Basically, both letters should include the following.

  • Appreciation statement

It is all about appreciation and you cannot exhaust all the ‘thank you’s’ available for use. Thank at the beginning and at the end. That is what we are writing about anyway. It could be- “thank you for placing trust in me to help you sell your property”, for a seller or “thank you for the time and pleasure of helping you get a new home, it was worth it”, for a buyer.

  • A striking quality of the client

While some clients are very patient, some are very organized. Something like; “your patience made the whole process very easy…”

Also, make sure to wish them well in their new property. If it isn’t a buyer, but a seller, wishing them well in future endeavours would be fine.

  • A notice to be available

You cannot just thank and be done. Make sure the client knows you are very much available to assist him or her, should he or she needs anything. For instance: “I enjoyed doing business with you and I am available if you need any help or have any questions. Feel free to contact me by calls or send an email.”

  • Your full contact information

If your contact is not fully presented in the letter, what is the point there? Further business can only be done if you can be contacted through many channels.

While you write the letter, be careful with how you express emotions. Do not sound passive with a client you became friends with or go overboard with a withdrawn client. The goal is to get them to feel happy about doing business with you and remember you for more, if available.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Real Estate Closing Thank You Letter?

When you are part of a real estate deal, you want to get done with it as soon as possible, especially towards its later stages. Anything that drags out or delays the closing of the contract is a plague that you must avoid at all costs. One slip up and you may be looking at the cancellation of the entire thing!

One temptation as a buyer is to write a closing thank you letter to the seller or the real estate agent involved in the deal. It is a nice gesture towards other parties, but not everything in such a letter is acceptable to them. There are a few norms to these letters that you cannot overlook because of a personal taste and tone. Some of the mistakes to avoid with real estate closings are:

Using Informal Language

Real estate contracts need to be as professional as they can get. There is no room for casualness at any stage of such dealings. Whether you are the buyer, the seller, or the agent conducting the deal, you must never use informal language in conversation or writing, even in a thank you letter.

Real estate is a business, and you need to treat it as one. Business language is different from the casual manner of speech you may have with a colleague. There is no need to get or feel close to the seller as a buyer or vice versa. The purpose of the thank you letter should be to express your gratitude formally.

Self Promotion

Near the closing of a real estate deal, you should not involve any conversation regarding personal business. As such, you should not talk about anything other than the property in question with the buyer, seller, or real estate agent.

The contents of a thank you letter are as significant as the language. You should not deviate from the purpose of the letter. It is to express your gratitude towards the closing of the deal. You must avoid mentioning any matter from your personal life or promote a business to other parties.

Trying to Establish a Partnership

Towards the closing of a real estate contract, your only concern should be getting to the end of the deal. It should also mark the end of your contact with all parties involved in the dealing.

The last thing you want to do is try to extend a hand towards other parties near the closing of the deal. They may take it the wrong way and think that you are unwilling to get the deal done. You can always go back to the buying or selling party, or the agent once the business gets done. There is no need to include other matters in a thank you letter while the real estate deal is still open. As such, saying something like, “We should work with each other again in the future” is unnecessary. Only express your gratitude and move towards closing the deal.

Including Personal Information

In real estate deals, the buyer, seller, and agent already know the necessary details of the parties involved. You should never give away any other personal information in the thank you letter.


A thank you letter is not a necessity of a real estate deal if you look at it from an objective point of view. But a word of gratitude will mean a lot to all other parties, and it shows your seriousness towards their efforts to conclude the deal.

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