Marketing for Senior Living Communities – Tips & Step-by-Step Guide

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Marketing for Senior Living Communities – Tips & Step-by-Step Guide: A study on the population of the US says a fifth of the people will be 65 or older by 2050 as against the current 15.6%. By implication, this study tells us we have a rapidly aging population on our hands. Impliedly, it’s an urgent call to start planning the future homes for seniors.

Another critical challenge in the coming days of high demand for senior living communities is marketing. As the baby boomer generation retires, efforts to get them a deserving home for retirement will be challenging.

Senior Living Communities
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How to address the emotions of convincing a homeowner to leave his home and move to a senior community?

Therefore, there are preparatory activities required of a Senior Living Community marketer before approaching a prospect to move.

Let’s deal with some helpful tips for a start!

Tips to marketing Senior Living Communities

  • Know your target audience

As with all the marketing approach, you need to know who your market, before going for them.

  • Establish your authority as a Senior Living Community manager

The audience wants to know you have what it takes to give them a befitting retirement home.

  • Put in place evidence of your competence and expertise

The amount of best practice and exceptional quality service you can display in the solution you provide will convince seniors; you are the best person to take care of their living.

[Step-by-Step Guide] Steps to successfully marketing Senior Living Communities

Have a website ready

Since your website speaks when you are not there, there is a need to update it to reflect recent information. You should have up to date information; address fears and objections likely to come up. Also, you should have a clear to call to action to give a prospect the reason to act.

Take marketing initiatives

For a senior living community, there is a need for relevant facilities and activities to help them live well and happy. At old age, most seniors need help to get things done. The Assisted Living Community needs unambiguous plans, and you must communicate it to the prospects. Find the best ways to reach your audience, including using a brand influencer, referral program and traditional marketing using printed materials.

Use social media and blog marketing

Baby boomers are abreast of disruptive technology, as a pretty good number of them use social media and read blogs. With person to person interaction of social media, it is possible somebody will put in words to convince them to consider Senior Living Community.

Build and manage your reputation

Seniors are cautious people and would conduct thorough research about you before saying yes or no. Thus, it is vital to ensure an impeccable character and high integrity. Maintain the utmost professional conduct and let your branding be in harmony with who you are. Your reputation management should extend to your staff; everyone must be on the same page.

Make Google Adwords your friend

Google Ads have fantastic advertising offers to present you in front of your target audience. With relevant keywords, you can narrow down to the exact prospect and get them onboard. Your advertising should focus on the right audience and sell value and your uniqueness.


To succeed marketing Senior Living Community takes skills and insight on your part. While you can learn these as you go, having the determination to succeed is the first task you have as a marketer, selling senior living homes.

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