Photography Tips for Selling More Real Estate Listings (10+ Powerful Ways)

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Photography Tips to Sell Real Estate Listings Faster: If you want to become a successful agent, you need goals. Your goals must be to sell your listings quickly and as close to the asking price. Although there is no magic to achieve success, there are some photography tips that you should keep in mind to sell your listings faster and boost your referrals.

A perfect photo of a property can help to sell it fast. That’s why you need to give extra time and extra effort on real estate photography before listing it on the real estate listing websites. There are few amazing Photography Tips which you should follow.

Photography Tips

Here are some of them (Photography Tips for Selling More Listings):

1# Create a Marketing Plan

With ninety-two percent of the homebuyers viewing online listings, your online presence is crucial. This only means that you should go beyond just listing on a real estate listing sites like Zillow. You have to share your listings on your personal blog, social media, and via email marketing.

The more times homebuyers are exposed to your listing, the more chances they’ll recall it and would want to see the property personally. So, for you to ensure that your listing marketing is successful, you need to establish your own marketing plan.

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2# De-Clutter and Clean Your Home and Beautify It 

If a potential homebuyer visits any listing, he or she imagines living in the property. It starts with the house’s curb appeal, so ensure that the yard is neat, the driveway must be power washed, and the home’s exterior should be welcoming. Whenever you clean your home’s interior, see to it that the house is as big as possible through getting rid of clutter.

Homebuyers do not want to see photos, mail or some things that mess up the house. As mentioned, homebuyers always envision themselves living in the property when checking out a house. Therefore, you should also ensure that each room is nice-smelling and spotless. You do not want to lose sales just because the kitchen smelled like dog poop or cat-litter, right?

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3# Take Advantage of Professional Photography

About eighty-three percent of the homebuyers who view online listings say photography is a useful feature when selecting the properties to view. It means that if you are not using attractive images, you might lose sales and views.

There is a reason why the agents who utilize professional photography on each listing make double average GCI. With the use of the professional photography, it highlights the best and marketable features of the property that makes homebuyers fall in love. This love basically translates to different offer situations and faster sales.

However, you have to take note that even if you have a camera or a DSLR, you might still require professional expertise. The reason behind it is that without professional training, it’ll be hard for you to achieve results successfully.

4# Use the latest gadgets (Photography Tips)

Having a professional camera is not enough to take the best photo of the property you are planning to purchase. You need to take advantage of the latest gadgets available in the market as they can enhance the quality of the photos. Consider using tripod, wide angle lenses and lights etc.

5# Focus the best places on the property

Instead of taking photos of each and every inch of the house, always focus on the best features and best places of the property. This could be anything to make people visit the property at once. It could be anything from the special room decoration to the special feature of the property like extra space which you has been used in an incredible way.

6# Create a welcoming atmosphere

Try to take photos from the entrance of each and every room as this is the first thing which the buyer will see when they actually visit the property. This will help them to create an image of the property before they physically visit there. This could be done simply by creating the impression of inviting house by adding fresh flower and decorative pillows etc.

7# Focus the open spaces of the property:

“Less is better”. The open spaces in the photos give a very good impression. If there isn’t any open space then you can rearrange the space. Rearranging will help to make space look bigger. You can also remove the extra furniture from the room to make it look bigger.

8# Take night shots too

It is true that there should be more and more light when you are taking the photos of the property as it helps to show maximum features of the property but taking night shot can give glamorous look to the photos, especially when you have very good night lighting at the property.

9# Don’t include the pets

Like humans, you should not include any pet in the real estate photography. It is true that the kitties and puppies look cute but this does not help in the selling the properties. Also try to make it look like a pet free house by hiding their toys, water and food bowl etc.

10# Don’t take photos of property as it is

Make sure that you decorate your house well before taking photos or if you don’t have time, then clean and arrange each and every room in the best way. You can even hire the professional who offers the services or declutters for the real estate photography.

11# Don’t capture the mess

Like the previous point, you need to decorate the whole property before taking the photos. No one likes to visit or even see the real estate photos which have the mess in it. Your aim should be please the buyer and make them visit your property after looking at the photos online.

Professional photography for listings is one of the easiest ways to shape your business and brand. High-quality images will help you generate leads, deliver good client experience, and market your brand.

Professional photography for real estate is also a powerful marketing tool to sell your listings quickly. So, start with some Photography Tips and Tricks now and highlight the best spot of the property you are selling. Then, expect to get sales at the soonest time possible.

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