Real Estate Instagram Marketing – Guide, Tips

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Real Estate Instagram Marketing: Instagram is the best social platform, with over one billion active users. Over 1 billion people monthly active use Instagram. So, you can get ideas, and if you do real estate marketing on it, you will get traffic quickly. Instagram is the best fun and fantastic place that acts as the best role of a real estate agent. Here is the complete guide on how you can use it for real estate marketing.

Guide for doing Real Estate Instagram Marketing:

Just follow the following quick steps and set up for Instagram.

1.   Enlist your primary Goals: –

What do you want to focus y using Instagram? It is the main thing you should consider. When you have a clear vision, you can achieve your goal. So, enlist the following items: –

  • Local Home sellers
  • Strong Clients
  • Clients who can refer you
  • Referral agents from the local region
  • Sincere Buyers

2.   Search for the Dream Lead: –

When you know your target lead, it becomes easier to approach them. You will know what to post and how to post. Your posts will attract your target lead. So, keep their age, gender, family dynamics, income, and marital status in view.

3.   Set up Your Page: –

If you have the Instagram page, now time to set up your business page. Well, if you do not have, then install the app now and set up for the account. You can also sign up for Instagram by using your Facebook account. So, make a page for your business and use it only for business matters. Target the specific brand a post on your page.

Tips for Marketing Real Estate Business on Instagram:

Tips for Real Estate Instagram Marketing

1.      Start with your Business Handle: –

We all are cautious about your profile picture. Then, how can you ignore your business handle? Handle defines your business. It should be unique and reflect your business. The right way is to use the handle of your actual company name.

2.   Set up a Unique Filter: –

Always try to post the perfect picture. Set an ideal filter for your photos. You should use no more than two filters for your post. These filters will help you to show a clear picture of your brand. The images pictures will engage more people to your page.

3.   Use Correct Real Estate Hashtags :

Hashtags are most important for your real estate business on Instagram. It will give a visual picture of your business. So write a perfect seller caption with ideal hashtags. You can use simple images too.

4.   Post Instagram Stories: –

Instagram Stories are the best way to describe what is currently going on. Make the stories of all the deals. Add the pictures of the house on sale and upcoming homes. Stories will help you to make a strong bond with clients.

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5.      Engage time with the Local Community: –

Local clients are the priority for the real estate business. Real Estate Instagram Marketing will help you to know more about the demands of the local community. So, tag the other business pages with your posts. Let the people know about your business interactions.

Real Estate Instagram Marketing – Post Content Ideas

1# Local Market or Industry Stats, that you can share as a post or a series of information

2# Local Best Things To Do in your area (inform people about the area, unique things, insider secrets, etc.)

3# Your Goals and How are achieving (motivation stories to share)

4# Pets and their stories/photos (Pets love and sharing is caring)

Check this example:

5# Sharing Personal News or Announcements or Celebrations

Check this example:

6# Local Food Points or Restaurants

7# Team Events or Celebrations with Teams / Partners

8# Sharing Goodies or Gifts Photos

You might be receiving goodies, gifts from local businesses and other people.

9# Kids (if you are comfortable to share with)

You can connect with other parents (your clients, co-workers, partners)

View this post on Instagram

My 6-year old has decided to "clean walls"… and then asked if he could go to the houses I go to with me and if they need cleaning he will clean them… then he came and described those things that have a circle and a line (door hangers) and wants to put them on people's door just in our town. He is going to call it "Nickolas Cleans Houses". lol That could definitely be an add-on to our real estate business… when he is older. . . . I have since heard him tell his brother he is going to keep cleaning to get the tablet back. . . . #sixyearolds #business #housecleaning #youngentrepreneur #ideas #kids #boys #nickolasd6 #duongfamily #tremonton #homelife #realtorlife #madhomesutah

A post shared by UTAH REALTORS 🏡 Duong Team (@madhomesutah) on

10# Inspiration through inspirational quotes

11# Closing photos in a different way

No Sold Signs; just Family members with their new house

12# Before and After (3D rendering effect; home renovation done)

13# Holiday Posts

14# Office Life Photos (Daily Work Life)

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