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The Property Management Blog: This resource will provide you multiple guides, marketing ideas, lists, tools, tips, strategies, techniques, templates, etc. We have categorized this post into multiple sections (to make it easy to read and navigate). For floor plan conversion services, we are here to assist you in a better way.

Please note, we update it on a daily basis. We will suggest you to bookmark it on your browser. So, you won’t miss the upcoming updates, new trends, and marketing ideas.

For Property Managers: The Property Management Blog

List of Top Websites for Advertising Property Rental Listings (Apartments, Multifamilies, etc.). Free and Paid; For College Students, For Senior Citizens. A list of more than 43 websites. Read the Complete Article here.

Best Graphic Design Tools for Property Managers (for non-designers; No designing skill required)


What are the Job Responsibilities of Property Managers? The description of any job is the first touchpoint between the company and the new hire person. A great job title is that which includes the general terms, level of experience, or any special requirement for skill, etc. Read the Complete Article here.

Marketing Tips, Steps for Senior Living Communities: Nowadays, people are more active and fit. Do they know how to live longer?  That’s why you will meet a vast ratio, senior citizens. They are looking forward to productive lifestyles. They want to live the condition where they can stay healthy. Read the Complete Article here.

When a Landlord should hire a Property Manager or Property Management Company? As a landlord, one of the most important decisions you will have to make will be in the area of deciding when you should hire a property manager or if you should outsource the task to a property management companyRead the Complete Article here.

What are the Benefits of Using a Property Management Company? Complete dedication and lots of efforts are required if you are a landlord. Although investments in rental properties have long been proven to be a great income source, most people are still hesitant to give it a try because of all the responsibilities that come with it. Read the Complete Article here.

How Floor Plans are Helpful in the marketing of Multifamily Communities? Multifamily housing is a competitive industry. There are apartment buildings, duplexes, & triplexes everywhere. For that reason, you need to utilize any marketing tool you can find, including floorplans. Read the Complete Article here.

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