Tips & Tricks for Selling Land, Mistakes to Avoid

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Tips & Tricks for Selling Land, Mistakes to Avoid: In the business of real estate, when it has to do with selling houses, everything seems to be easier than when it comes to selling lands. This is due to the fact that houses can be pimped up by repainting or some form of redevelopment can be done on it to make it more marketable and attractive to potential buyers. What can be done on empty lots and lands to make them more marketable?

Why is it more difficult to sell off lands?

The housing market different from the land market for so many reasons. Before we talk about strategies to sell off lands, let’s also digest why they can be difficult to sell-off in the first place and why homes sell better.

  1. Land buyers are most certainly different from home buyers. They think and want things differently, While home buyers seek special house features and want to occupy and live, land buyers are keen on location and other factors that will give them what they want in a land.
  2. Lands are different from houses with different rooms to see and draw the attention of potential buyers. This makes the style and technique of sales more complex.
  3. There are not many people interested in empty lots and lands. With an increasing number of home occupancy, there are fewer Peele who need lands as it might take a lot of resources to develop it.
  4. Not many people in sales have patience and that is a virtue required in pulling off a good deal for lands.

Now, what can you do about that plot of land or lands you have for sale? How do you make them more marketable?

  1. Advertise everywhere:

How can you expect to sell off your property when you haven’t utilised every channel of advertisement? You want to sell off that land, advertise it! With the most appealing features, place the property on the market via online listings, local newspaper ads and every other media possible on the real estate market. Do not underestimate the value of word of mouth, especially to neighbours and friends. Your buyer might just be on your friend list or among your neighbours.

  1. Have a very detailed sign on the property:

Your “FOR SALE” sign placed on the property just might be too vague. Imagine a sign that says how many acres are available among other great features of the land. So, tell a great story of your property with the sign.

  1. Know your property well and your potential buyers’ needs:

Some lands are specially zoned and you would not want to mislead buyers. While you advertise the land for several uses, always give out the right information. Also, know what your buyers are looking out for and show off your property to suit their needs.

  1. Keep the land always ready and always show it:

The beautiful land is always attractive. Might as well give a potential buyer several ideas for use and have him or her snatch up the property sooner than you thought possible. This is why you should not leave it bare or without care. To make it more appealing, you can plant wildflowers and take it the weeds in the property. A land week career for is definitely more attractive than one that looks completely abandoned.

A good seller should also understand that it isn’t only homes that can be shown off for sales. Offer to show the place with its wide expanse and you just might leave yourself a quick buyer

  1. Make financing offers:

Sometimes, land buyers encounter challenges with financing especially as lands are not very easy to get financing for in the lending market. As a landowner, supporting some level of financing might attract a large number of potential buyers. This is a great idea, especially if you are very eager to sell off the property.

  1. Employ the services of experts:

Though it might cost to employ an agent or broker, consider how quick these guys, (if they are very good), can get you a very quick and great sale too and get them to help you.

Hopefully, with these few pointers, you can land a good sale for that land in no time.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Land?

The sale of raw land as a property is very different from the dealing of a finished home. It is much more difficult to find potential buyers for a piece of land and convince them to buy it at your asking price. How do you even set an asking price if there is nothing of value on top of the land?

You need to change your approach towards conducting the sale of a piece of land. There are ways to quicken the sale of your property while earning close to your original demand for it. One method is to analyze sales from the past and avoid the mistakes of those sellers. Some of the common errors you can improve on when setting up a deal for your piece of land are:

Hiring an Inappropriate Real Estate Agent

At this point, you already know that selling land is different from the sale of a home. So what is the most crucial bit of hiring an aide to conduct the deal? It is getting a real estate agent who specializes in the sale of land as a property. You should never consult a home selling real estate agent to handle dealings of this sort.

Getting the right real estate agent can do wonders for your land sale. He will advise you as well as deal with potential buyers to appeal to what they want from your property. Since it is not as easy to sell a piece of land, hiring the right real estate agent is a must!


It is not uncommon to find a piece of land that does not have a price tag that reflects its correct value. The reason this mistake is a regular in land sales is that it is difficult to gauge the worth of a piece of land. You may look at home prices in the neighborhood and price your property accordingly, which is the incorrect practice. There is no link between the price tag of a home and a piece of land.

To correctly figure out how much you should get out of your land, consider the help of a real estate agent. They will advise you based on the area covered, the type of property, and the contribution of the neighborhood to your land’s value. This will make for much more accurate pricing.

Little or No Marketing

While it is not wrong to let a real estate agent conduct the sale of your land, you still need to pitch in for its marketing. After all, the property is yours, and no one other than yourself will care more about its quick sale. You should never leave all aspects of the sale to a third party.

It is easier to market your property in the current age of digitization. You can reach out to more potential buyers by uploading a profile for the sale of your land on different websites and applications. Be sure to include clear photos and the correct area and address of your piece of land.

Not Being Flexible

You will not always receive an offer that matches your exact demand for the sale of your land. You should not immediately wave away such buyers unless their offer is way below your determined value of the property.

Try to be a bit more flexible with your asking price and look to conclude the deal instead of sitting on the property for too long. You may cause yourself economic damage if you do not finalize the sale of your piece of land.

Conclusion – Mistakes to Avoid

You need to take extra care when selling land as compared to concluding a deal for a home. It is a whole different ball game, one which also takes a different approach.

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