Where can I get a house’s floor plan?

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Where can I get a house’s floor plan? Every renovation and remodeling have a soul, the floor plan of the house is the soul of the renovation. Either you are looking to make some changes to your house or you want to have a total overhaul, you should get the floor plan of your house. Primarily, you will need 2D floor plans; later you might get them converted into 3d floor plans.

house's floor plan

The floor plan of a house is essentially a blueprint created ahead of time to show how the house will be built. It shows the plan of the walls and other essentials within the building. It is an essential tool for repairs and restoration. The floor plan is the difference between the renovation budget that is carefully planned and one that breaks the bank. If the house floor plan is essential, where then can you get it?

Years ago, you will most likely find the floor plan of your house in the attic. Today, with most houses built by corporations or the federal government, the path to get your floor plan will be different.  In looking to get the floor plan of your house, you should look into the following areas:

Ask Real estate agents, Brokers, Realtors for Floor plans

If your house is about 50 years old or lesser, the first line of your inquiry should be your realtor. The sales department of your real estate agency should be your first port of call. Even if your realtors do not have the floor map that you need, they can help you get it. In the worst-case scenario, they can point you in the right direction in order for you to get the floor plan.

Since realtors deal with houses, both the interior and the exterior, they are very likely to have the floor plan to the houses in the locality. Realtors are usually connoisseurs of town histories and this can be a pointer to the house floor plan that your house will most likely have.


If you live in an area where the buildings are similar, you should most likely ask your neighbors. Since your house was most likely designed by the same person who designed theirs, the floor plans will be similar to theirs. Most likely, the floor plan is the same with theirs and you can use the floor plan to renovate or restructure your own house. All you need to do is walk over to them and ask if they have the floor plan.

More often than not, developmental agents buy stock plans and then implement the plan across the property. As you drive through your street, you will most likely see variations to the same building plan. What you need to do is to find the house that is exactly like yours and see if you can get their floor plan.

City hall

If your house is older than fifty years or the house was constructed by the government, you will most likely find the building plan in the city hall. The fire insurance map located in the city hall can usually date back to the 1870’s and will indicate the original material used in building your house. There is also a 3-Dimensional map that will show roughly the position and placement of the windows, doors and walls of the house.

On the internet

It is very possible to find your house floor on the internet. Some city halls started uploading house plans from the archives a few years ago. Some realtors also have an internet arm that constantly updates the floor plan and the entire blueprints of houses on the internet. It might not come that easy though but there are people willing to do the research for you. All you have to do is to pay. You can also check out Websites like NETR Online, being managed by the Nationwide Environmental Title Research, LLC.

In searching for your house floor plan, you should know that you can find it. All you need is to be pointed in the right direction.

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