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  • For 3D exterior, please provide details like (images/ pictures of floor plans or sketches or video links, or, elevations (front, rear, side, etc.), facades of your building, or CAD files (to be recommended))
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Advantages or Benefits of 3D Exterior Renderings : Modern architectural projects can be expensive and require a lot of planning. One of the ways that you can get an idea of your project before it is completed is with a 3D exterior rendering. A 3D rendering is an image that is created using a computer that is representative of what the end project will likely look like (for ex. 2D to 3D Floor Plan Conversion).

3D exterior rendering can be expensive depending on the project you are taking on and you may be left wondering why you need it. The truth is that an exterior 3D rendering can have a lot of benefits.

Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from 3D Exterior Renderings:

Catchy Visual For Investors

People who are looking to build a large project often need investors but you can’t go to investors with only an idea. You need something for them to visualize, along with a plan. A 3D rendering gives investors an idea of what your project will look like in the end. Whether you are creating a massive office building or an apartment complex, a rendering can help your business.

With a 3D exterior render your project also looks more professional which is part of what investors want to see. They are looking for committed professionals to invest in.

2D Drawings Only Go So Far

All projects have 2D drawings and designs for the construction but these drawings are limited. It is hard to see how the whole building will look. With a 3D exterior render you are able to see the project as a whole like it will end up. You can look from every angle and identify anything you may have overlooked or any problems that could arise.

By catching problems or oversights early, you can save money during the construction phase. You will also save time.

Effective Understanding Of The Project

An exterior 3D rendering allows you to get an image of what the project will look like completed. From the materials used, to the coloring. This outstanding for being able to see how everything looks together. It is better to find out earlier that you don’t like the look or feel of a material than find out when it is delivered.
You can also use the 3D rendering to see how the materials will look when combined in the final project.

Lighting Can Be Visualized

It is easy to think you know what kind of lights you want on a project but do you know how well they will light up the building? Do you know where to place them? 3D exterior renderings can help you to understand how lighting will affect your property. You can even test out multiple different lighting options to find the one that is right for your needs.

Better For Community Presentation

A lot of areas now require that a major construction project get input from the community or from a board. With this being true, it is hard to go in front of one of these boards with only a 2D drawing. This could quickly get your project dismissed as something that the community doesn’t want.

By utilizing a 3D exterior rendering you can show those who might be affected by your project how it fits in with the community. Essentially, it works a visual aid for those who you might need to present to. A visual aid makes it easier to win over those who might be hesitant.

Sell Empty Land

One aspect of exterior 3D rendering that is often left unseen is that it doesn’t have to be used for a real project. You can sell empty land quicker with a 3D rendering of what could be on that property. When you have clients come to view the land, simply show them the image of what could be there. This will stir imagination and make it more likely that they will have an idea of what they can use the land for.

There are a lot of benefits to using 3D exterior renderings and these are just some of them. It is important to note that finding the right 3D render expert will help your project even more. You want a team that can do it right and come up with a final product that matches what you have in your head.

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