4 Powerful Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Property Selling: Let’s face it the dynamics of how people go about purchasing a home have changed. Virtually all new home buyers start their research process online – finding listings on Zillow or Trulia, local real estate agent websites or social media.

There has never been more competition for real estate agents – having a great online presence and digital marketing strategy is vital to your survival.

Digital Marketing Tips
Digital Marketing Tips

In this article, we will look at several tips and ideas to give yourself some powerful digital marketing juice to get your name in front of buyers and their name on the dotted line.

Digital Marketing Tips #1 – Get a Kick Ass, Easy to Use, Mobile Responsive Website

  • You will live or die by your real estate agent website – it’s your business card,  sales banner, and listings tool.
  • The website is your first impression for potential clients – and it better impress. Your leads are going to look you up on the web and if you don’t wow them here you are done – so that first impression better leave wanting to work with you.
  • The real estate website is your digital marketing “tip of the spear”. The site had better be clear about what services you offer, where you sell and how to go about getting in touch.
  • Keep the website clean and functional – get your listings front and center so people can dig right into their research.
  • You want the site mobile responsive, so home shoppers can navigate and search on the site on their mobile phones without issue.
  • Your website is your marketing home base.

Digital Marketing Tips #2 – Get on The Big Online Market Places

  • You can’t ignore Zillow. It is a dominant site for listings and home shopper searches. You will want to create a free agent profile on the platform to start off.
  • When you have a free agent profile you can sync your listings, give personal information. Most importantly you will want to get reviews, show your sales history and build your brand and online presence.
  • After a while, you should consider if you want to pay to become a primer agent on Zillow.
  • The main advantage to becoming a primer agent is that you get listed along with the listing agent on properties in your zip code.
  • If you have been diligent about building your brand with many positive reviews being a primer agent can get you opportunities that result in more exposure and personal listings.
  • Trulia and Zillow are both owned by Zillow, with a lot of overlap on each.  Do your primary work on Zillow then double-check your Trulia info.
  • Zillow may be the big dog but it’s not the only listing market place – there are listing sites like Realtor.com and Redfin where you can find similar services as Zillow and expand your exposure.
  • We do offer 2D 3D Floor Plan Services.

Digital Marketing Tips #3 Become A Search Expert

  • A lot of people begin their search for a real estate agent by saying “Ok Google” into their phones or asking Siri.
  • The two major players in the internet search game for paid and organic search are Google and Bing and you should take the time to get familiar with and master how to create well-defined campaigns for both your pay-per-click (PPC) and organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.
  • Pay Per Click advertising work better as direct-response with short, to the point copy.  When you bid on position with PPC these ads will rank at the very top of search results.   You want to try to target people who are more likely to convert right away because each click cost you money.
  • Use the most competitive keyword phrases and keywords that indicate a willingness to hire for PPC and link to landing pages optimized with a consistent message and strong call to action.
  • Consider using content that is useful and will provide value to the online researcher trying to figure out their home buying and selling options when considering your SEO strategy.
  • Post long blog articles and look for long-tail research-based keyword phrases. Use this content to develop a sense of trust and establish you as an authority in your field.
  •  Google loves fresh content – the more content you create, the better your website – and your Google local listing- will rank.
  •  Use retargeting in your search campaigns because the home buying and selling process is a long game.
  • Retargeting involves using banner ads or videos you target to people who’ve already visited your website or social media pages.
  • Retargeting works especially well on Google and Facebook

Digital Marketing Tips #4  Use Social Media

  • Because social media is geared toward sharing images it makes it an obvious choice for real estate marketing. As you connect with clients and potential buyers, social media’s immediacy you can share images of new listings right as they come in.
  • Consider using Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat for this purpose. To make it easier on yourself use a service like Buffer to create a “listing of the day” to push out to all your connected social networks at the same time.
  • You don’t need fancy equipment – with your smartphone take photos of new properties and share them across your network, updating all your followers with new listings they might be interested in.
  • Make sure that you are putting calls to action on your websites and other advertising for leads to follow you on your social networks.

Always Be Closing With Digital Marketing In Real Estate

In today’s world its more competitive than ever for real estate agents. The key to becoming an outstanding and hugely successful real estate agent is to have an effective digital marketing strategy centered around

  • Online real estate listing portals like Zillow
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC and SEO
  • Easy to use and visually appealing websites

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