Floor Plan Samples 2020

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Floor Plan Samples – You might be looking to see the Floor Plans, may 2D or 3D or both. What are Floor Plans? These are drawings or designs (3D floor plans also named as renderings) that show the layout/structures of a house, or property from above.

In below-shown Floor Plan Samples, you can see that floor plan showcase the location of outer walls, internal walls, doors, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, patio, windows, bathroom, and stairs, as well as internal furnishings such as living room furniture, kitchen cabinets, and other appliances.

2D Floor Plan Samples

Maybe a better question is: what is a 2D floor plan? It is a drawing that will showcase you the internal and outer layout or structure of the houses, or building floors or apartments or properties from the upper/above eye view. 2D floor plans also know as 2D floor plan drawings.

In 2D Floor Plan, you will be able to see two-axis only, a flat 2D drawing (you can not see perspective or the depth; for the 3rd axis or depth perspective, you need to go for a 3D floor plan). 2D Floor Plans are more accurate and precise. These are mostly used for showing the layout and measurements.

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Here we have shared some samples / examples for 2D floor plan designs / renderings.

2D Floor Plan Design Services Sample


2D Floor Plan Sample Example 2D Rendering for Floor Plan - Samples2D Floor Plan Images - Samples

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3D Floor Plan Samples

3D Floor Plans are also known as 3D floor plan designs or 3D floor plan renderings. 3D floor plans are photo-realistic, more visual and interactive. We can see 3rd axis in the 3D plans. We can have our imaginations into 3D plans like custom finishes, funiture, wall colors, flooring materials, etc. You can see these examples in the below 3D floor plan samples.

3D floor plans are more helpful in real estate marketing. 3D plans do engage and attrach more potential buyers and help in property selling. Using 3D floor plans, viewers can easily see the interal layouts and an understand that what can be fit in the rooms and other areas if they buy that property. It gives clear idea to potential home buyers.

Benefits of 3D floor plans

Online property listing with 3D floor plans will help you to more leads (even, these leads will be more relevant and qualified leads). By seeing 3D floor plans, website visitors (potential buyers) can easily understand the internal payout and make their decision accordingly. 

Property manager can easily sell more rental properties to the distant customers. It will reduce the manual efforts to visit the rental properties and save time both sides (property managers and potential buyers or rentees). Renter will be able sign more contracts in less time. Same way, rentees will be able to explore more properties in less time (they can see the 3D floor plans online; they do not need to visit the sites physically).

3D floor plans help to make your listing more interesting and engaging. Most of the times, website visitors (those can be potential buyers) do not find much interesting information on the listing page and they just exit it. But, if we add 3D floor plans on the listing page, then they might get more interested in that listing. Because, they can see the internal layouts and feet the property in every aspects. This way, we will have more leads and less bounce rate for listing webpage visitors.

New Home Buyers can easily download or print the 3D floor plans for their better convenience. Later, they can discuss with their family members and decide accordingly. Actually, 2D floor plan drawings do not provide the understanding about real life imginations i.e. how the house will look like in real life once they build it or once they purchase it. But, 3D floor plan renderings give more visual and realstic views to understand the house from all possible perspectives and angles. 

Here we have provided some samples for 3D floor plan designs / renderings.

2D 3D Floor Plan Services

Floor Plan 3D Sample

3D Floor Plan General Style


3D Office Floor Plan Design

3D Floor Plan Layouts


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Here we have added some samples for 3D Exterior – Design / Renderings.

3D Exterior Design Rendering Services

3D Exterior Designs

3D Exterior Design Rendering Services - Sample3D Exterior Visualization Services - Sample3D Exterior Home House Design Services - Sample3D Exterior Drawing Services - Sample3D Exterior Modeling Services - Sample3D Exterior Rendering Services - Sample3D Interior Exterior Design Services - Sample3D Exterior Building Design Rendering Samples Exampleshttps://the2d3dfloorplancompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/3D-Exterior-Design-Rendering-Examples.jpg
3D Exterior Sample3D Exterior Designs Renderings
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Here we have shared some samples for 3D Interior – Design / Renderings.

3D Interior Design Rendering Services

3D Interior Design Rendering Services - Living room Sample3D Interior Dining room - Sample3D Interior Master_bathroomSample3D Interior Bedroom - Samplehttps://the2d3dfloorplancompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/3D-Interior-Design-Kitchen-Samples.jpg3D Interior Designs - Bedroom Samplehttps://the2d3dfloorplancompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/3D-Interior-Kitchen-Sample.jpg3D Interior Master_suite - Sample3D Interior Rendering Services - Master_suite Sample3D Interior Renderings - Family room Sample3D Interior Views - Living room Sample3D Interior Visualizations - Living room Sample

3D Interior View
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