How to Build Your Own DIY Fire Pit in a Day? (+Free Steps Guide & YouTube Videos)

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The DIY Fire Pit has become very popular constructions in all the houses with courtyards and gardens, being its splendor and warmth, the meeting point on a cool night to share and enjoy pleasant moments in the company of our family, friends, or simply, to use it for a practical purpose such as cooking during the day.

DIY Fire Pit
Image Source: Pine Landscape

For this reason, and due to its great boom, the fire pits have been part of a whole evolution, improving its design and offering very attractive and innovative models. However, nothing is so striking, like creating our own design and structure to spend unforgettable moments. Here are a series of recommendations and suggestions on how to design and make your own fire pit.

Decide the ideal location for DIY Fire Pit

While it is crucial to consider the materials with which we will build our fire pit, the most important thing, without a doubt, is to keep in mind how we will design it. Therefore, we must take into account certain aspects such as the place where we will build it, since not doing so, we can alter the atmosphere of our patio.

The first thing would be to look for style models similar to the one we want to recreate in our patio, looking for a style that fits the context, the dimension and the materials that have already been used in our house.

Size matters when Building a DIY Fire Pit

The design of our bonfire is always essential when we talk about fire pits, since depending on its materials and dimensions, it can shine in its maximum splendor, or not. In fact, it is advisable to carry out a search of the styles that are on board, since from there, we can make a freehand sketch on how we will design our own bonfire.

Likewise, it is relevant to take into account its size, since depending on the number of people who make up our home, we will make an appropriate and unique building. It will be also helpful if you can arrange a floor plan layout where you can exactly plan how the measurements and location should be used.

Let’s get to work!

When we have defined precisely the dimensions of our fire pit, it is the right time to take the next step, that is, to begin the construction work, proper, where we will carry out the excavation and placement of the materials we will use.

A process that might seem difficult, however, is simpler than it seems, especially if the floor where we will dig is dirt, since we can carry out our task only with a shovel and a container to move the land we arrived to remove elsewhere.

It’s all about the base

A well-built base is crucial when we want to make our own DIY fire pit, since the material chosen to build it will be the cornerstone of our beautiful campfire. Previously these were built only with wood, however, with the passage of time other materials have been used that, in some way or another, make the fire generated there take full advantage of.

Don’t forget the interior for DIY Fire Pit

A really important aspect is to take into account the layer with which we will cover the internal walls of our bonfire, since the material that will cover the perimeter in question, must have certain thermal characteristics that resist high temperatures, such as cement, bricks, and Certain types of special wood. In this way, we will prevent the coating from damaging and representing a detriment to our fire. An excellent opportunity to play with certain materials and create a great design!

The finishing touches

With all the design and construction process carried out so far, the time has come to give our bonfire the final touch, that is, to choose the furniture that will surround it, as well as to keep in mind how we will install it, and each detail that complements this beautiful space, will be a supplement of comfort and style that we should not overlook.

Now we just have to get the marshmallows, gather the family and enjoy the fire!

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