2D Floor Plan to 3D Model

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Advantages of Converting 2D Floor Plan to 3D Model : 3D modeling has come to the forefront in the architectural and engineering industries just like 3D printing has become an integral part of manufacturing. Not that long ago everyone was wowed by elaborate drawings and scaled mock ups that architects and engineers would spend hours and hours come up with. 2D Floor Plan to 3D Model

Today, 3D modeling has taken over the 2D drawings as a powerful tool that businesses are using to sell their presentation services. With competition among engineering and architectural firms becoming my stiff these days, anything that can provide an advantage over their competition is considered a huge plus.

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” imagine what a 3D model would be worth to a client as compared to some 2D drawings on paper. Today you no longer have to wonder, you can easily find a company that excels in delivering 3D modeling services. There are many advantages to using 3D modeling over 2D drawings and for this article, we will be discussing 6 top reasons why you should seriously consider making the big switch in your business.

6 Top Advantages of Converting Traditional 2D Floor Plan to 3D Model

Realism sells projects – A 3D model gives a much more realistic look to the project than a bunch of lines that you get with a 2D drawing. Your client will get a much better feel for what they will get when they can see can practically touch it.

3D leaves less to the imagination – A 3D drawing fills in a whole of blanks on the page that you are left having imagined was there with a 2D drawing that only has a bunch of lines to create a perception of depth.

Ease of making necessary design changes when necessary – It is much easier to identify necessary changes to a design with 3D modeling. You can easily see how any changes can affect other parts of the design as well.

Lifelike models using 3D technology is perfect for interior designers – From a Interiors Designers perspective, the use of 3D modeling is a true game changer for them, you cannot beat the ability to add actual objects to a project which allows their client to get a much more realistic view of the room.

3D models give a more realistic idea about measurements – A 3D model allows you to give a much more realistic view of a room’s measurement by being able to show what actual objects would look like in the room. This would be much better than lines of a 2D floor plan than.

3D models virtually eliminate possible language barriers – With a 3D model, you don’t need a bunch of instructions to help you interpret things like you need with a 2D model. Since you see what you get, there virtually no worries of a language barrier.

The 3D modeling technology is definitely a game changer in the world of architecture, engineering and industrial design. By putting so much more realism into a design project you are left with having to do less selling to the client and they get much more out of what they are getting for their dollars.

2D Floor Plan to 3D

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