What is 3D Floor Plan Design and How Is It Important?

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3D Floor Plan Design: Trying to imagine the details of a house or building is definitely not an easy thing to do. Even though you can surely conjure an image, or snippets of the image for that matter, it will be much easier and more convenient if you can visualize everything as close to reality as possible.

This is where 3D floor plans come in handy. 3D floor plan renderings offer better visualization capabilities to offer a more accurate and detailed view of the construction.

3D Floor Plan Design

What is a 3D Floor Plan Design?

It is basically the building’s virtual model, which is from the bird’s eye view perspective. This is being used in the building and construction industry for an improved way of conveying architectural plans.

Often designed to scale, 3D floor plans should include a floor and walls, and it also often includes windows, doorways, and wall fenestrations. It doesn’t include ceilings so that the view will not be obstructed.

Some other common elements which can be added but are not necessarily required include flooring, cabinets, paint color, bathroom, wall tile, as well as other forms of interior finishes. Pieces of furniture could also be added to help showcase proper interior design and home staging.

Importance of 3D Floor Plans

These give a better view of a building before the construction starts. While the standard floor plan remains to be very useful, with 3D floor plans, it is now possible to see a more detailed view of a building which will help in getting a better idea on how to plan the entire construction process.

Below are the top benefits of a 3D floor plan design:

  • These floor plans let you see the amount and volume of space in all rooms.
  • These are easier to understand since these are much closer to real life.
  • This type of floor plan shows how rooms will look once furniture has been added.
  • These can give the reference for planning furniture and wall hangings.
  • They let you get a better understanding of proximity and relationships between rooms.
  • These show the exit and entry doors to the outside.
  • These could be rendered in several views which allow you to see the complete view of the house or building.
  • It clearly shows the locations of the windows.

The use of 3D floor plan design is also considered as handy, especially when it comes to adding extensions to or renovating an existing building. After the interiors have been set, it will give you the feeling that you could get a good impression of the overall layout.

In case you don’t have any idea about the appearance of your property, you could plan the interiors with the use of virtual 3D floor plans to get a good feel for the entire property.

For realtors, professional 3D floor plans are perfect for marketing and advertising campaigns. This helps in creating a good impression among the prospects. The tiny details can also play a big part in interacting with clients and allowing them to know the exact type of project they will invest in.

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