First Time Home Seller – 10 Tips & Tricks

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First Time Home Seller – 10 Tips & Tricks: If you are planning to move due to different issues, then you are the first time home seller. Home selling is a completely different technique than buying the home. While selling the home, the main focus is on earning the maximum profit as well as giving the customers the type of property they desire. Floor Plan Drawing Services can significantly help you to showcase your home in front of potential buyers. Whereas buying the house revolves around your emotions and feelings.


It can be a very daunting experience selling your first home. It is normal to be nervous and at the same time excited with thoughts of future plans when selling your first home. But many sellers are filled with doubts and questions when it comes to selling your largest investment. Will I be able to sell my property? What price tag do I place on it? What can be done to ensure it is presentable to buyers? You need sound advice & guidance when it comes to selling your largest investment.

If you are the first time home seller, then you must have the following tips and tricks to sell the house and earn some good profit. Use the following tips to make a successful sale.

Some of the Tips and Tricks for the New Home Seller are:

1# The home staging of your house can play an important role in selling your house successfully. It will help you in selling your house at a good price and in a short period of time.

2# You should price your house accurately according to the location of your property. You can get help from the listing agent who will guide you to the market price of the house.

3# See the right time to sell. A good time both emotionally and financially. Also, check the best month to list in for selling the house will make a difference in your home selling process.

4# Change your mind from the homeowner to the seller and prepare yourself to receive guests and potential buyers in your home. It might feel like a breach of personal space but you have to think like a seller.

5# Advertise your property online by adding clear, high-resolution pictures and description of everything. This will help in attracting the buyers to your property.

6# Consult a Real estate agent as soon as you reach a decision on selling your property. Speak with different Real estate agents until you see the right agent for you – it may take either one or more meetings to decide on that. It is important to note the marketing fees charged by each agent and also give attention to the services provided by each agent. Related Article:  Tips for Hiring the Right Property Manager

7# Understand that your home is now your property: It is okay to have emotional attachments to your home. You have had pleasant moments such as holidays, entertained family and friends in this same home. As soon as you decide to sell your home, it ceases to be your home, it now becomes your property – it now becomes a financial asset. Try as much as possible to displace any emotion due to the sale of your property.

8# Do not consider the price at which you bought the property. The present value of your property has no correlation with the amount you paid to buy that same property. The main factors that affect the present value of your property are similar homes that have been sold in the last six months. Facts such as this can be quite difficult for some sellers to handle because it is beyond their control. Having a good understanding of this fact is vital to selling your home as quickly as possible and successfully too.

9# The condition, location & price will affect how successfully & quickly you will sell your property. You cannot do much about the location of your property, but you can do a lot to ensure your property is in a presentable condition and you also have control over the asking price you place on your property. Make the most of what you can control and you should be able to sell your property successful within the shortest time possible.

10# How much you spent on improvements does not matter: Making improvements on your home plays a huge role in affecting the value of your property, but the amount you spend to make those improvements does not matter much. For instance, if the cost of buying and installing a wooden floor buy yourself is $2,000, it does not mean that the worth of your property is $2,000. On the other hand, if you overpaid significantly to make improvements on your property, it does not mean that your home is worth that amount or more.

Market value plays a major role here. If properties with wooden floors sell for $6,000 or more in your locality, the worth of your home will be $6,000 or more when compared to properties without wooden floors.

These are some of the tips for every first time home seller. All you need is to make a plan and set your priorities straight with your agent. And your work will be made easy.

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  • Soon I am planning to sell my home and while surfing online I came across your article. I am glad I stumbles on your article as it explains the tips and things to do while selling home. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips and will definitely implement these while selling. Keep up the good work!!

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