Questions to ask a Real Estate Agent before hiring

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Questions to ask a Real Estate Agent before hiring: If you are looking to downsize, move or expand your space, and this is the perfect time to sell your home, it can involve a very complex process that usually makes homeowners use the services of real estate agents instead of handling it on their own. Also, we do provide 2D and 3D floor plans, 3D exterior rendering designs at an unbeatable price, if you need them as strong marketing materials please let us know.

Real Estate Agent Questions

If you have followed this path, there are some questions that you can ask prospective real estate agents, to find a professional who will handle your home with the required skills.

  • How long have you been doing this business? The competence level of your real estate agent and the availability of skilled mentors are very important. Although newly accredited agents might have enough for you they have other offers at hand. Since agents don’t take any special exam or get a certificate, they learn with every job they handle. Every successful deal undoubtedly increases the experience of the agent. There is also a possibility the agent has attended lectures or training. We should ask for all the information.
  • How much do you charge? Real estate agents rarely work for free. They expect a commission for their hard work which usually falls between 5% to 6% of the home price, although there is always an avenue for negotiation. Whenever you want to use a real estate agent for your home, try to ask if the agent can reduce his charges. You can also ask other agents, even if you have a good feeling about one. This will create more possibilities for competition in your area.
  • How much is my home worth? An important task for your real estate agent is to value your home appropriately, and this implies that you carry out research with adequate knowledge of the market. You also need to know the method used by the agent in valuing properties.

Don’t fall for the trick of using the agent who just tells you what you want to hear by hiking the value of your home. This might end up dashing your hopes when it is being listed, without getting orders which might make you reduce the value of your home. You need a real estate agent who will offer realistic and practical figures.

  • How many homes have you successfully sold in this vicinity? Although real estate agents are very proficient and know how to go about their business effectively, this does not mean they know all the houses in your neighborhood. There are some nuances posed by some homes which makes them outstanding, but without a good knowledge of those possessed by your own house, they may make an undervalued and ineffective sale.

For instance, if your home is among the few in your neighborhood that has a basement, this can be a selling point that your real estate agent can take advantage of.

  • What marketing method will you use? A basic step most of the real estate agent out there will take is to add your home to the multiple listing service (MLS) page, an enormous listing database where prospective buyers can check out your home. But if you need a value for your money, you need to hire an agent that will go beyond this basic step. You can make inquiries from the agent before signing a contract about the method that will advertise your home. Either through the local newspapers, signposts or the Internet. You are paying quite a lot as commission, so your agent has no choice but to work hard for it.
  • Will you be home staging? Home staging the proper way is one sure method of attracting buyers. Home staging, however, can incur an additional cost. You can spend around $2,000 to $4,000 to stage a 2,000 square foot home. Fortunately, some real estate agents usually offer this service free, with everything they need to implement it successfully. You need to discover if a potential agent will take every required step that will boost the chances of selling your home or the steps you might take yourself.

Opting for the right real estate agent will determine how soon you will sell your home or if it will spend months in the market. Don’t forget that the longer your property spends on the market, the more possibilities that your potential buyers will try to beat down its price. You need to test or ask a set of questions your potential agent properly before choosing one.

How can you check agent capabilities and sales skills?

There are several real estate agents available out there, but the only thing that makes an agent stand out among the crowd is the ability to close multiple deals successfully. The sales skills of the agent would determine how fast and effective they would sell the property you entrust with no hitch.
Some sales skills you should watch out for when vetting a prospective real estate agent are:

Communication skills A real estate agent that knows how to interact with potential buyers has more potential to close a deal than one who doesn’t have this skill. Good communication skills will arouse the interest of a buyer and convince them to place an order without delay.

Knowledge of the locality Good knowledge of the area will help a real estate agent notice the price trends, the value of properties and other important aspects of the neighborhood.

Your word is your bond. Successful real estate agents are usually true to their word, honest and can even provide evidence for their claims. The reputation of a real estate agent is important, especially those having a track record of successful deals with amazing testimonials.

Above mentioned questions will help you to know about the credibility of a real estate agent. You should ask such kind of questions to your real estate agent before hiring.

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