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Importance of 2D and 3D Floor Plans (2D 3D Floor Plan Designer)

Developing and selling real estate is often times more of an art than an acquired skill. Now only must a real estate professional have a vision and a goal but he or she must also somehow make that vision come to life for a prospective buyer or client.

Without that spark of life and that emotional connection to space there will be no sale.

To make their visions and properties become real estate professionals will include pictures with their properties.

Some realtors and builders will also include floor plans with their listings.

The really successful and savvy real estate professionals will take their 2D floor plans, spend a little extra money and make 3D floor plans.

Why Should You Take 2D Floor Plans And Render Them In 3D?

While regular old 2D floor plans give you a good idea of how the walls and spaces of a property is laid out, they don’t give you an idea of how a space can be personalized to fit a particular style or mode of living.

In other words, 2D floor plans are flat and unemotional.

3D floor plans on the other hand, help a buyer to piece things together in a space.

A buyer can visualize how interior decorating and architectural design work together to create a unique location.

This is not possible to do with a flat 2D floor plan, which by its very nature only shows how a space is laid out – not how it is composed.

Rendering 2D Floor Plans In 3D Is Essential For Real Estate Marketing

The majority of people who are shopping for a new commercial space or home start their search online. They will check out listing in Zillow or crawl an agent’s website. While pictures of a property are effective for online browsing – 2D floor plans are not.

3D floor plans allow for immersive interactive experiences where the potential client or buyer can “walk-through” space. By converting your existing 2D floor plans to 3D the buyer can see how doors work in the space, how windows let in light, how certain fixtures would look etc. The most important thing that converting your 2D floor plans into 3D does is allow your potential customers to become emotionally invested in your listing.

If your customers become emotionally engaged with a property and begin to see how they will be able to use their own style in the space, they are going to be much more likely to buy the property or lease the space you have.

Don’t discount the emotional aspect of selling! Getting your potential customers engaged via 3D floor plans will help you to sell your properties much faster.

Convert Your 2D Floor Plans Into 3D

To make yourself stand out in the competitive real estate market, take your 2D floor plans and have them converted into 3D rendered interactive plans. By converting your 2D plans into 3D you will sell and re-sell properties faster. While 2D floor plans are better than having no floor plans at all, having 3D rendered floor plans will set you way above the real estate professional pack.

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