2D and 3D Floor Plans for Property Managers – Boost Your Marketing

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2D and 3D Floor Plans for Property Managers: Renting an apartment or home through a website listing is a crucial challenge for Property Managers. To get converted more leads into lease contracts, many powerful marketing ideas are needed. Showing 2D and 3D floor plans on the property websites, is one of the proven strong marketing ideas.

2D Sample – 2D Floor Plans for Property Managers

2D Sample - 2D and 3D Floor Plans for Property Managers

3D Sample – 3D Floor Plans for Property Managers

3D Sample - 3D Floor Plans for Property Managers

When listing your apartments or homes, the 2D and 3D floor plans will be a fair addition to the nice photos you publish and therefore will help you rent the property faster. In the past, they were seen as only important for the builders, but today every house hunter or rentee will be moved to make a decision when they see the apartments’ 2D and 3D Floor Plans.

Here are some of the reasons that Why Property Managers Must Consider 2D and 3D Floor Plans for Apartment Marketing?

Benefits of 2D and 3D Floor Plans for Property Managers

1# Better Apartment Visualization to the visitors (potential rentee) 

An online apartment image (actual photograph) might not be very good for the potential rentee especially when they are trying to understand how the different rooms fit together. With 2D and 3D floor plans, this becomes easier since the floor is a guide to be able to visualize the different rooms (3D floor plans offer internal visualization, finishes, furniture, etc.). Therefore, the potential rentee is able to have the image of the apartment or home. This includes the small details such as where the door for each room is placed and also the way the space of each room can be used. Therefore the potential rentee will be in a position to see why that particular house suits him well.

2# More powerful when you used Floor Plans + Actual Photographs

If you used the images of the property alone, it is not easy to display how the rooms fit together. It is, therefore, less helpful to the prospect rentee. Without floor plans, it will take you longer to illustrate to the clients how rooms fit together. However, with the floor plans, you will be able to make a meaningful sales listing.

3# Floor Plans Makes the Apartment/Home More Memorable for the Client

Have you ever made a follow-up call to a prospective rentee you tried to rent a house to in the past? Sometimes it becomes tricky to convince the client you ever met because after seeing several properties, there is no way to associate you with any of the building images seen. However, if you have a floor plan (3D floor plan is more important) as your sales tool, then it is possible to easily make the client recognize your property even in future. This is because there is the possibility of having a unique floor plan that other property management companies do not have.

4# Floor Plans create long lasting impression in the visitor minds

It is because the prospective rentee or visitor spends more time to analyze your property hence a lasting memory is created. You can even incorporate the floor plan in a brochure so that during the remarketing time, the clients can be able to easily figure out the home in question. Therefore, make sure you have 3D Floor Plan so that your clients can be able to figure out the apartment even when you meet in future.

5# Influencing Visitors as their own homes using Floor Plans

When you have an actual plan of the floors, it is a way to help the rentee see themselves in the apartment or home. Therefore, he/she can visualize how they can utilize the space available. This is a very important sales and influencing strategy since the buyer can be able to visualize the home as own and hence influences the decision making process. This way, you will be able to rent the apartment quickly.

How it works?

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