Barndominium Floor Plans – Solid Tips, Help Guide, Pros, Cons

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Barndominium Floor Plans : In Real estate, it means a building or house made of steel or made of barn/wood. Barndominium word has many definitions or meanings. As per Wikipedia, Barndominium is a neologistic portmanteau of barn and condominium with multiple meanings. One type of meaning is steel made homes, also barn wood made homes, popular in the Real Estate industry (Most popular in Texas state; More demands in rural areas compared to cities). These steel made buildings/ homes were used as barn structures or storage buildings in the past. Currently, these are repurposed for building living areas as well as work areas. If you are looking for 2D and 3D floor plans3D exterior renderings, and 3D interior renderings, then we are here to support you.

Barndominium Floor Plans (2D and 3D house floor plans) are very important to see how you can build a steel building as a multi-purpose building with more space and longer durability.

Nowadays in Real Estate, it is being popular (refer to the below screenshot of Google Trends; it showing that after 2012, it has become a hot demand).

Barndominium Floor Plans

Benefits / Advantages of Barndominium Floor Plans / House Plans

Using Barndominium floor plans, you can easily plan your next Barndominium home. You can plan how you want to use your additional space (attached with Living space)? You can use the additional space for many useful purposes like converting it into a workshop, a storage space, a gym, horse stalls, a garage, etc. We can design Barndominium Floor Plans in such a way, where you can modify (extend or shorten) your living space or additional space as per your needs. Here we are going to discuss the pros of building Barndominiums.

Long-lasting and high durability

  • Becoming more popular in rural communities due to high durability
  • More resilience with all types of weather
  • Maintainance costs will be low; so that you can save more money

Serve as Multi-purpose home option

  • You can easily convert this into multiple space options. Like a home office, a workspace, a living space, a workshop all at the same time.
  • More initial costs and time-saving if we compare with traditional homes

Requires very less time to build (easy and faster to construct)

  • With a metal frame style, you can easily build your home in no time; Significantly reducing time
  • It can be ready in 1-2 weeks as most of these parts are off-site ready-made.

Extra space can be created

  • Due to metal sheet based structures, the interiors will be more spacious.
  • Instead of the inner room walls, there are thin partitions. We can calculate at home level, we will creating a lot of extra space.

More eco-friendly with environmentally friendly construction products

  • Barndominium steel products come with a reduced carbon footprint (saving in short term and long-term both)
  • Steel is 100% recyclable, easy to recycle, low-cost, durable, and environmentally friendly

Energy-Efficient in Long-term

  • You might be spending more in the neighborhood with concreate made homes. Individuals who want to save more money or want to spend reasonably on energy consumption costs; then Barndominium will be the preferred choice for them.

Lower tax rates and less insurance costs

  • Benefits with property taxes: With steel homes, we can save more money because these are more durable and long-lived. Due to less depreciation, it will be more of a capital improvement.
  • Tax breaks benefits: We can consider the Green Energy home building with Barndominium homes and can save comparatively more taxes.

More customization can be done for Interior Space with Barndominium Homes

  • As Brando homes are more flexible, a lot of interior customization can be done at a low cost.
  • Color Palettes & Fabrics: A neutral color palette is a perfect choice for the Barndominium interiors. tend to have a neutral color palette. More customization can be done with trusses and open beams; Beige, Grey or Cream color will be more suited.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barndominium Homes

What is the average cost of a Barndominium?

The average cost of building Barndominium can be vary between $30 to $120 per sqft. If you are looking for a basic shell, then it might cost you $30 to $45 per sqft. And, if you need the complete buildout home, then you should expect the cost of around $100 to $120 per sqft.

Which is Cheaper to Build a Regular House or Barndominium?

A couple of years ago, a new trend in the housing market gained popularity. This is none other than the barndominium. Some fans love the look and style of these houses. But, are these steel or metal built houses a cheaper alternative than regular houses?

Origin of Barndominium

When the trend of barndominiums officially started is uncertain. However, it is safe to say that the idea only came up during the mid-2000s and was not acknowledged by most people until several years later.

A barndominium is the combination of the words barn and condominium. Just like how condo is the shorter version of condominium, barndominium can also be simply shortened as barndo.

At first, most barndos were just barns that were renovated into living spaces. But, with the continuous growth of the trend, there are now people who build barndos from scratch. If you got the cash, you can just stake your claim anywhere as long as there is enough space with an approval for proper zoning. People in other regions and states such as New England and Alabama are also successfully building barndominiums.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Barndominium?

Barndominiums can be made as custom as other custom homes. The only difference is that you will be getting more for every dollar you spend. You will also enjoy a faster construction process completed in a shorter period of time.

As for the exact length of time required to build a barndominium, there are some builders that manage to finish the project within 6 months. It is important that you contact your local builder and meet their past clients.

The usual construction time for barndominiums is usually faster since the metal barn part of the house can be completed in just one to two weeks. It will create a dry space for framers to form the build-out of the living area.

The process of building a barndominium is composed of three main areas, namely:

  1. Slab or concrete foundation
  2. Construction of metal building
  3. Build out of the living area

You will need to plan in advance and add plumbing in the shop area prior to pouring in the slab for other things such as an RV hook up if you plan to have a motorhome in the future. You can also choose to add a 50 Amp electrical plug for the welder. The climate in your area can help you determine the location of your water tank and the required depth for the water lines.

You can choose any type of siding for your barndominium. The common choices are metal, hardy, rock, and brick siding. Most people choose barndominiums due to the exteriors that require low maintenance.

Building a barndominium also means quicker framing as there is no roof, just ceilings, and walls.

There are also metal building companies that can erect the metal shell in a week or two and by that time, the location will be dry enough for framing and finishing the interior.

How Much Does a Barndominium Cost Per Square Foot?

It is a bit difficult to put an average cost on barndominiums. You will find a lot of bigger high-end buildings that cost $200,000 or more. There are also builders that can charge you $85 for every square foot for the complete build-out. It will include the slab, building materials, and a high grade finish. This price doesn’t include the appliances yet but almost anything you want will be included.

If you only want the basic shell, the prices for every square foot can go as low as only $20. This basic shell will already include the building, slab, plumbing, wood or metal, vents, electrical stub outs, washrooms, showers, and sinks. It is not a complete finish need so you will have to do most of the interior framing work yourself.

You can also find shells that are completely built and are ready to finish for about $26 per square foot. It means that most of the hard work has been completed for you. The only thing left for you to do is to add the finishing touches on its interior. It means adding doors, putting up walls, and doing most of the hard work. The framing itself has been made on your behalf so if anything, you just have to deal with a nail and paint job.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 40*60 Shop (Barndominium)?

A 40*60 metal or steel building is the most popular size among small business or shop owners. The 2,400 square feet of space is perfect for building a shop and is also ideal for a retail store. There are several different types of accessory and building options for a 40*60 barndominium. You have to consider all of these different available options to find the right one for your needs.

You can start first by determining the specific need you have for the space since the requirements and options might vary.

Depending on your chosen design, a 40*60 barndominium can cost you around $17,500 up to $20,500 based on steel’s current size.

Advantages of Barndominiums over Regular Houses

You are probably wondering why you should consider building or renovating a barn and live there instead of renovating your current house or building a new one. Here are some possible benefits you can enjoy when you go for a barndominium instead of a regular house:

  • You prefer simple aesthetics.
  • You want to save on the house because you paid extra for your chosen land.
  • You wish to renovate the space you currently own.
  • You like your home to be energy-efficient, which is possible when correctly built barndominiums.
  • You love high ceilings.

Possible Downsides of Barndominiums

Although living in barndominiums is almost like living in standard houses, there are some things that might discourage you from owning or building a barndo:

  • If you are not fond of noisy roofs, you might not like a barndo’s typical aluminum roof.
  • Barndos in general sell at a value that they are worth like houses. But, since barndons are specific to a personal taste, you will have a smaller pool of potential buyers than for typical houses if you have plans to sell.
  • Barndos look nicer inside than outside. You might need to compromise on the exterior of your barndo.

All in all, barndominiums are sturdy enough and can make comfortable living spaces. Your personal preferences will determine if this suits you or not.

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